assigment drama the proposal

In Experience on June 22, 2011 by Vella

Nama: Vella ariska

Nim   : A320080013

Class : A

The analysis of “THE PROPOSAL”

The third assignment
The analysis of “THE PROPOSAL”
The element structure of drama “THE PROPOSAL”
1. The characters and characterization:
     – Stepan Stepanovitchi Chubukov = a landowner. He is talk active and proud to his wealth.
     – Natalya Stepanova = 25 years old. Chubukov’s daughter. She is talk active and hard in thought
     – Van vassiletich Lomov = a neighbor of Chubukov. He is a polite and hold in principle.
2. Setting
    The setting of place in Chubukov’s country side especially in his house at 1916.
3. Point of view
    The point of view is third person because the narrator is not belongs to the story.
    It means that the narrator i out of the story.
4. Theme
    It is better to you speech to the point of your purpose to avoid something bad moment happened to you.
    Don’t proud to much to yourself in front of other people especially to your candidate wife.
5. Style
    The style of the drama is consist of utterances of the players and the text is long narration.
6. Plot
    The plot : Lomov visited to his neighbor; Chubukov’s house. The purpose of the visiting is making proposal in marriage to Natalya Stepanova. Lomov came with special great dressing and tell a history about his wealth to proof that he is a good candidate con- in law so Natalya would be happy in the future. But in the middle of speech, they are arguing about the owner of land in one place. Then, Lomov feel sick in his heart and decide to left Natalya and Chubukov. Lomov realize what the happen and disappointed.
In the second time Lomov came against tried to making proposal to Natalya. But, arguing happened against. It was not about land owner; about Guess and  Quiezzer. Whose dog is the most great? In this time, Lomov fall down and did not wake up. He was died. Realize the situation Natalya and Chubukov are worried. They did not believe that Lomov was die without acceptable the proposal merriage.




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