analysis the zoo story…

In Experience on June 22, 2011 by Vella

Nama : Vella Ariska

Nim     : A320080013

Class    : A

The analysis of “The Zoo”
1. Character and Characterization are;
    a. Peter :
        He is handsome. He is a man in early forties. He is polite. He is serious person.
        He is married. He has two daughters, two cats, two parakeets.
        He lives in 74th Street, east side of Manhattan.
        He works in a small publishing house.
    b. Jerry :
        He is a man in late thirties. He is dominating.
        He is verbally aggressive. He is ironical.
        He lives in the west side of Manhattan; lives in poor neighborhood.
2. Setting;
    In the Central Park.
    At Sunday afternoon in summer.
    There are two benches.
3. Plot;

    Peter sit down and read in a park bench in New York city; Central Park. Jerry met him and force to listen the stories of his life include “The story of Jerry and the Dog” and the reason behind his visiting to the Zoo.

    When Pete wants to going home, Jerry begin to tickle Peter. Peter laugh and agree to listen Jerry until finish telling “What happen at the Zoo?” At the same time, Jerry began to pushing Peter of the bench. Peter decides to fight for his territory on the bench and became angry. Unexpectedly, Jerry pull a knife on Peter, the drop it as initiative for Peter to grab. When Pete holds the knife defensively, Jerry charges him and impales himself on the knife.

4. Point of view;

    This story used third person narrator.

    Because of the narrator did not introduce himself as a character, so it belongs to Non-Participant.

5. Style;

    * The grammatical structure:

       It is standard; the story is including narration and dialogue between utterance and the manner of player.

    * The sentence construction:

       It is long and short of sentences construction, dialogue and narration is long and short sentences.

    * The symbol is the zoo that has meaning:

       The animal lives alone in the cage; people live in isolation.

       There is similarity between animal in the zoo and human being live in communicates with one another.

       Life is a kind of zoo
       The zoo is a microcosm of real life.
6. Theme;
    Isolation and lack of communication are important problem; everybody needs someone to talk each other.


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