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NIM    : A320080013

Class   : A


The professor, somewhere excessively polite between fifty and he is sixty years of age.

The girl pupil, polite but lively gay she is eighteen years old.

The maid, red-faced , between forty-five and fifty.



The professor: emotional, very timid

The girl pupil: polite, dynamic, lively.

The maid: strong, stout


Setting of place and time

The setting of place from This book is in paris, in the office of the proffesor which also serves in the office of the old proffesor. The setting of the time is at june 1950.


Point of view

The lesson a drama comic presents the story in third-person point of view. Using the “third person”, the author point to all character and positioning them as third person


Plot structure

Conflict: : turbulence between the mind and soul professor. when doing something professors do not realize it.

Climax: when the professor is explaining about the knife suddenly professor unwittingly have killed the student, and professor realized when the student has been killed.

Conclusion: turned out to young students were murdered professors to forty.



In this comic just using subject, verb, and some modifiers.


Psychopat and Inner turmoil.


from this comic is relation between man and society because in this comic there are interaction between profesor, pupil, and maid.



One Response to “”

  1. The Lesson
    By Eugene Ionesco

    1. The writer gives the title “The Lesson”
    Because the setting of story is lesson between the professor and his pupil.

    2. The characters
     Professor, The Professor is associated as the cleverest and the highest. He is 50 to 60 years old. He cannot control emotion. He is an aggressive person, exactly polite, his voice deadened.
     The young pupil aged 18. She is a rich person, and fool person but she is attractive.
     The Maid, aged 45 to 50. She is patient, red faced. She is always pay attention to the professor.

    3. The Synopsis
    The young pupil is eager to learn and she dominates the professor with her confidence and youth, but as the story develops. Even more she is suffering from the professor’s voice and explanation, such as toothache, earache, headache and eyes ache. The maid, Marie, always warns the professor about his “health” and calamity that might happen. Unfortunately the professor, instead of listening to his maid, ignores her every time she warns him. The maid warns him when the professor explains about philology, and again, the professor ignores her. The maid also warns the professor again when he starts asking about ‘knife’ in different languages, but the maid is already tired to warn him. In the end of the play, the professor kills the pupil with an imaginative knife and with the help of his maid he could get rid of her corpse and then the stage is set again with another young pupil who is ready for the lesson. And it is fortieth times his killed.

    4. The moral value of the story
     Reminds us to control our emotion when we are in difficult situations.
     Reminds to not underestimate to other people.
     Remind us in order to be open minded.

    5. The kind of the story
    This story is classified as “man vs. society”, because the conflict arises between professor and his pupil.

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